Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Colors - A Little Rouge Goes a Long Way

Ah, I remember my school days when seeing red ink on my paper meant a not-so-great grade.  But I've recently done several calligraphy projects with red ink.  Despite my initial trepidation, I was bowled over by the elegant and eye-catching effect of the warm crimson letters on the page.

For a unique twist on calligraphy, don't forget to think about ink color choice. Calligraphers can find matching shades to every color of the rainbow using watercolor gouache (opaque watercolor paint that comes in tubes).  For now, here are some pictures of the "It" color of the season.

French red ink on ivory - menu, wine list and escort cards that are perfect for a rustic fall vineyard wedding

Red ink paired with extra large sweeping calligraphy makes a dramatic and elegant statement on wedding envelopes

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  1. Red Ink isnt usually asscociated with calligraphy or anything elegant. We usually resent seeing red ink on our papers at school. However this is a work of art and I really like it