Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have a Seat : Escort Cards vs. Place Cards

Seating arrangements can be the source of stress, aggravation and confusion for many couples planning a wedding.  Coming up with a plan to make sure that people are happy, conversation flows and that

While many people use escort card and place card interchangeably, there IS a difference.

There are a number of creative ways of displaying escort cards, from hanging tags, to  Simply put, escort cards are cards that indicate which table your guest is seated.

Place cards designate the exact place at the table each guest should occupy.  

Now which should you choose? Escort cards seem to be the popular choice these days with couples designating tables, but leaving it up to guests to choose their individual seats. 

Sometimes, place cards are required by the venue to indicate to servers guest meal selections. Ask your venue ahead of time whether or not they have specific requirements.  And sometimes, place cards are utilized to help ensure that certain people get to sit together - or that other people don't get too close!

Whatever you decide to use for your wedding, there are fabulously creative ideas for either escort cards or place cards which we'll cover soon! 

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