Monday, June 27, 2011


The monogram. Classic. Elegant....and with the way that I love to put my own monogram on everything, perhaps a sign I missed my calling for marketing and branding. For a bride who is about to take on a new last name, a monogram can be a fabulous way of celebrating and marking the change.

Like with an invitation or a return address stamp, a calligrapher can create and digitize a monogram for you that you can use in a variety of ways. Apart from wedding stationary and signage, here are a few ways I incorporated our monogram into the wedding - did I mention that I LOVE to put monograms on everything?

This was one of the wedding favors I had at my own wedding. I scripted the "M" and had a graphic designer work her magic. We took the digital file and had it printed on enviro-bags.

A custom monogrammed tag  we used to put on attendants'  gifts.
We used the same monogram for a backdrop for a photobooth.
I printed these round stickers myself and we used them to seal the bags for our candy table. 

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